Join us during Sunday Morning Worship at 11:15 am, or Tuesday Recharge at 7:15 pm.


Mount Christian Church "The Mount" was founded by Overseer Kareen Edwards, Sr., and Co-Pastor Natashia Edwards. The first service was held in March 2012 at 3513 Maitland Drive in Raleigh, NC. The first Family and Friends Day was held in April 2012. The church began to grow and held more first services and events such as the Right Hand of Fellowship, Prayer Breakfast and Health Seminar, Iron Sharpens Iron Men Fellowship, and Hour of Power Telephone ministry. In March 2013, The Mount moved to our current location on Trawick Road in Raleigh, NC. In May 2014, JEM Ministry Alliance was Incorporated, and the first JEM Fellowship of Churches Holy Convocation was birthed.


 Overseer Kareen Edwards, Sr.


Co-Pastor Natashia Edwards


Assistant Pastor Richard Ashe


Assistant Pastor Sharon Ashe


Pastor Daphine Amerson


Pastor Monique Jenkins